Episode 37: Law Abiding Citizens Are Pirates

Episode 37: Law Abiding Citizens Are Pirates

– I know that in the podcast I said the name of the podcast was “Those Fraking T-Shirts” but after the podcast was over, I decided to change it to something else. And the actress that I was trying to think of was Selma Hayak. We talk Xbox Game Room, Xbox Live 1.0 corrections, and developers behaving badly. Enjoy.

Xbox Game Room Coming

Xbox Live 1.0 Being Disconnected on 4/15 – UPDATE

Developers Trying to Kill the Used Game Market

New DRM Requires Internet Connection to Play Certain Games
Favorite Quote from the Article: “‘This is fine,’ one self-professed pirate told Ars. ‘I only have to access the Internet once to get Ubisoft games. You’re the ones paying for a broken copy.'”
Why This Is Bad

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