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Episode 38: Off The Rails

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Episode 38: Off The Rails

– Spark and I deliver the usual hijinks and cover more of the developers behaving badly stories that we love to talk about. Thanks for the fun, everyone!

Big Shake Up at Infinity Ward

Ubisoft DRM Cracked in One Day – Helps Increase Piracy of Games
Then Update the DRM
Then, the Servers Go Down

Episode 37: Law Abiding Citizens Are Pirates

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Episode 37: Law Abiding Citizens Are Pirates

– I know that in the podcast I said the name of the podcast was “Those Fraking T-Shirts” but after the podcast was over, I decided to change it to something else. And the actress that I was trying to think of was Selma Hayak. We talk Xbox Game Room, Xbox Live 1.0 corrections, and developers behaving badly. Enjoy.

Xbox Game Room Coming

Xbox Live 1.0 Being Disconnected on 4/15 – UPDATE

Developers Trying to Kill the Used Game Market

New DRM Requires Internet Connection to Play Certain Games
Favorite Quote from the Article: “‘This is fine,’ one self-professed pirate told Ars. ‘I only have to access the Internet once to get Ubisoft games. You’re the ones paying for a broken copy.'”
Why This Is Bad

Episode 36: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Episode 36: Don’t Call It A Comeback

– Spark and I are back for our first new episode in the new year! We talk about being new fathers, Xbox Live 1.0’s demise and DLC for Xbox 1.0 getting zapped also, TV shows, and a little known movie (Avatar) and other miscellaneous things. Send feedback please!

Special Episode: New Father Update

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Special Episode: New Father Update

– SparkStalker joins us over Skype to give us an update on how things are going and I explain why there haven’t been as many shows as we normally do. Enjoy!

Episode 35: Why Did They Do That

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Episode 35: Why Did They Do That

– Th3Gunsl1ng3r stopped by to take pitty on the Jedi and to co-host this episode. We talked about a few topics, and we generally agreed that we agreed. Enjoy the show.

Left 4 Dead 2 Has Possible Avatar Unlockables

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Special Edition – Six Unlockables with Purchase

Kameo 2: RIP

Gamstop Details Three Step Program for Digital Distribution
Digital Distribution Is Bad for Those With Low Bandwidth Caps

3rd Party Memory Cards Being Disabled from the 360
The Reason Why…

Party/Private Chat Being Disable In Some Games
Word from Infinity Ward ON This Issue

Nintendo’s Once in a Lifetime Run Might Be Over

Netflix Coming To the PS3

PS3 Won’t Be Maxed Out for 2 Years

Cross Game Chat Coming to PSN?

Sony 1, Idiot 0

PS3 Still Losing Money, Profitable in 2010?

Dog Charges Money on Man’s XBL Account

Episode 34: Spark’s Last Meow

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Episode 34: Spark’s Last Meow

– In Spark’s final show for a while, we talk about a lot of tantilzing news about video games, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Madden Arcade Coming To XBL/PSN for $15

Six Days in Fallujah Not Dead Yet

London Game Conference About Digital Distribution

Dice Continues with Dedicated Servers for Battlefield Games and Dis’s Activision of MW2 Lack Thereof

Robbie Bach Not Sure If Haldheld Gaming is the Future

Natal Will Cost $50 Says Analyst
Same Analyst says XBL Will Be $100 Soon

XBL Music Store for Music Rhythm Games

Accepting a Friend on XBL Hierarchy

Reggie Fils-Aime Says the PSPgo might have “a fundamental concept problem”

PSP “Platform” Sales Up 300%

Sony Hopes Change PS Home Target Use

Single Player Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

Analysts Predicts Digital Distribution Won’t be King for at Least 7 Years

Special Episode: Warm Welcome For GiA

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Special Episode: Warm Welcome For GiA

– I am joined by founding members of the new GeezerGamers clan Geezers in Arms, Ironwolf, and Jin as well as a recruit member, IrishFan. They talk about why Geezers in Arms is a place for FPS gamers.

Episode 33: Swing and A Miss

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Episode 33: Swing and A Miss

Netflix Wants to be on all Consoles

Game Crazy Going Under

Xbox Live Avatar Arcade

Video Capture for All Games?

Xbox 360 Wireless Router

Twitter, Facebook, and Beta Soon
Hands On From JoyStiq

Disc Drive Error Not a Firmware Issue says Sony
Sony Sued for PS3 Firmware Update

Epic FAIL for Sony…Again

PSP Go – Our thoughts
Why We Should Care About The PSP Go
PSP Go Price Check

Uncharted 2 Disables Twitter Function

Episode 32: My Johnson

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Episode 32: My Johnson

– What has two thumbs and loves this podcast? My Johnson! In Episode 32, Spark and I played Halo 3: ODST and give a quick review of Firefight mode. We also talk about a few other things. Enjoy the show.

Halo: ODST Live Action Trailer
Sadie’s Story

Review of Firefight

Left 4 Dead 2 New Infected
Left 4 Dead 2 Melee Weapons

MAG Hands On

Crackdown + Zombies = Crackdown 2

Madden Curse…It Is REAL!

Online Gaming is not a “Aspirational Service”

Shane Kim Steps Down

Xbox 802.11n Adapter Reviewed by FCC
Xbox 802.11n Adapter Confirmed by MS

250GB HD Xbox 360’s Starting to Pop-Up

The PornStation 3

SexBox Coming?

Sony Finally Realizing That The PSN Needs To Be Better

Yellow Light of Death

PS3 Firmware 3.0–uncharted-problems

3D Coming To The PS3

Episode 31: TMI 2.0

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Episode 31: TMI 2.0

– In our first full episode in close to 4 weeks, Spark and I talk games, movies, and more. Enjoy the show!

1 vs 100 Is The Mad Bomb-Digity

No New Maps for B:1943

MAG Releases on 1/26/10

Avatar Marketplace and Games on Demand on
Star Wars Things for Xbox Avatars
Games On Demand Expensive Because of Convenience
Ars Tried It Out – Not Compelling

Twitter And Facebook for the 360 is Free…for Gold Members Only

250GB Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 Has 54% Failure Rate – Only 54%…Way Too Low
Xbox 360 RROD Is On The Decline

Wii Can Now Stream Netflix, Hulu

PS3 Price Cut
Still Being Sold at a Loss

PS PR is BS!

Best Buy Matching Program Will Fail Says Analyst
GameStop Fighting Back